Q: What do the dinners consist of?

A: At least 3-4 courses: Soup, salad, main course, dessert. For drinking the choice of water and soft drinks / juice may be available. The B&B’s have to communicate with each other in time to co-ordinate the meals so that the guests are not served the same main dishes on three days (for example 3 times whitefish and Caesar’s salad). In our experience, each B&B has is signature dish which normally doesn’t collide with each other.

Q: Are the dietary wishes of the guests documented?

A: Yes. At the time of booking the guests are asked to advise if there are any dietary issues – allergies, sensitivities, etc. and it is written down and passed along to the individual B&Bs when the reservation is confirmed. 

Q: Why are no pets allowed at Home-to-Home B&Bs?

A: Not only do some B&B’s not allow pets for various reasons such as allergies, but there is also the possibility of transferring bacterial infections from farm to farm.   Some farmers will not allow pets on a leash to cross their property along the Bruce Trail for that reason.

Q: How far is it to walk between the B&B’s?

A: The whole of the Bruce Trail on the Bruce Peninsula is approximately 165 km long.  The average distance per day is between 12 and 25 km. The normal distances would be Wiarton – Purple Valley – Hope Bay – Barrow Bay – Lion’s Head – Cape Chin – Dyer’s Bay – Tobermory.  In order to complete the entire distance, it may be necessary for some of the B&B hosts to drop off &/or pick up guests at various locations.

Q: Does it matter if we hike from South to North or vice versa?

A: The difficulty on the trail varies. It is less strenuous to begin from the south. The opposite applies for starting at the north end.  It is entirely up to the individuals concerned. 

Q: How many Km are there, approximately, for dropping off the luggage and/or drop-off/pick-up of hikers?

A: That varies from 0 to approximately 120 Km per B&B and depends on which routes the hikers wish to take. The approximate cost would be $20 per B&B. 

Q:  How do people get back to Wiarton or Owen Sound from Tobermory if they do not have their own means of transportation?

A: One or more of the B&B owners in and around Tobermory provide transportation.  Who returns them to Owen Sound or Wiarton is dependent upon who is available at that time. Cost is approximately $132 (approximately 240 km) to Owen Sound , or approximately $88 (approximately 160 km) to Wiarton.  Laidlaw Transportation provides a bus service in the summertime  –  during July & August it runs Friday, Saturday & Sunday and holiday Mondays.

Q: Does every B&B provide rooms with private bathrooms?

A: No. But every participating B&B always tries to provide the best room available on the requested date.

Q: Do all B&B’s have queen size/king size beds available?

A: Queen yes / King no.

Q: Do all B&B’s take credit cards?

A: No. Cash and cheques are more common.  However, some B&Bs do not accept personal cheques, but do accept credit cards.

Q: Can all B&B’s accommodate 3 persons in one room?

A: All but one!

Q: Does Home-To-Home demand a deposit or cancellation fee?

A: A credit card number is required when make a booking. For cancellations less than 24 hours before the first night one daily rate according to your booking will be charged on your credit card

Q: How long does it normally take  for the organizing B&B to reach all B&B’s to make the booking?

A: That depends on the availability of the B&B owners. This can vary from a couple of hours in summertime to a couple of weeks in the off-season when some owners are away from home.   All participating B&B owners are asked to advise the organizing B&B about holidays and to provide an alternate means of communication during these times.

Q: How do I get a map for the Bruce Trail?

A: If you need a map for the Bruce Peninsula section of the Bruce Trail please look on the website of the Bruce Trail Association at http://www.pbtc.ca/hikes_sample.html to purchase your copy. Or you can purchase a map at your first B&B. The map is a fundraiser for the voluntarily work of this association.

Q: When and by whom was the Home-to-Home Network founded?

A: Ann Bard from Cape Chin Connection Country Inn and a few other B&B owners began this