There is a lot of car rental Markham, but one must know how to drive. It saves a lot of money for traveling. Plus, if you rely on car rental Markham you might get late for office. So, now that you want to learn driving, you must know a few things that are important. Here are some basic road rules.

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  1. Basic requirements for driving

A driving license is a basic requirement. If you belong to Canada, U.S driving license is considered to be okay, but if you visit here from a different country, you are supposed to get an international license. If you are a tourist in Markham, Canada, you should prefer car rental Markham.

In Markham, people drive on the right-hand side, but there is a difference in the units. They are in miles per hour. Mostly the road signs are in French or English, in cities the speed limit is 31 m/hr, in two-lane highways, it is 50m/hr and 62m/hr for highways.

The Canadians are very strict in following the road rules, they always prefer the seat belt on. Talking on a cell phone is strictly limited and must be hands-free. Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited when minors are seated. For minors under 40lbs, the car seat is essential.

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In urban areas of Markham, there is a heavy traffic. If you are an outsider, you should prefer car rental Markham. Or if you are driving, there must be at least 2 people in the car.

  1. Driving under influence rules 

It is a serious offense to drive under the influence, that might lead to cancellation of your license. If you are drunk, you must look for car rental Markham. In fact, if there is some major issue like an accident, you might have to face jail, and your career tends to be over. You might be denied from even entering the country, so it is the best to opt for car rental Markham, when under influence.

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  1. Driving in the Winter season 

There are times when there is a heavy snowfall in Markham, it can be very unsafe for driving in such conditions. Heavy snowfall can cause very bad experience among experienced drivers. If you are planning to visit Markham in winters make sure to use some car rental Markham, or else there are chances for things to wreck. Make sure to always have a charged phone and always carry an ice scraper, flashlights for emergencies. Winter conditions are pretty harsh, so make sure that you catch up with the weather updates before you plan a trip.

  1. Toll Roads in Markham 

These days, stopping on to toll booths to pay at the booth isn’t very essential, one can easily place the photo of your number/ license plate, to pay for the toll. The bill is sent to you and later added to the car rental bill.

There are indeed a lot of ways to travel, the easiest being car rental Markham, as it is an easy and quick way to travel. Mostly the rules are the same, but some may differ.